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Hi I’m Debbie. 


I help women with an underactive thyroid find relief from their ongoing symptoms so they can get back to enjoying their lives again.

Believe me, I know how you feel because I’ve been where you are. It can be so frustrating.  It feels like everyone else is living their life but you and you can start to feel hopeless. 

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis actually) and was prescribed the starting dose of thyroid meds.  I had every expectation that these meds would relieve my symptoms.

But they didn’t.  (To be fair, the meds helped me to manage day-to-day but I was a long way from feeling myself again.)

Because I’m someone who doesn’t give up easy when it comes to my health, I started searching.  I researched everything I could find, saw more medical specialists and natural practitioners and tried a ton of different supplements.  Some things seemed to work for a little while … until they didn’t.


And the crazy amount of conflicting information out there (cue mindblown emoji).

Long story short, I took matters into my own hands. I studied natural nutrition, tried even more things and many of those things didn’t work either.  Until FINALLY! I found the answers I was looking for.  And it’s not the answers I expected to find.


Today I feel SO MUCH BETTER! So much better that over time I was actually able to wean off my medication.  My symptoms are a thing of the past, and if I do happen to have a relapse, I know why it happened and can turn things around very quickly.


The nice thing for you is – you don’t have to keep searching for answers – you’re here.  I can provide you with a new way of looking at your lingering symptoms and suggest steps you can take to start seeing some relief.  

Have you had enough? Are you ready to start looking at your thyroid condition and your lingering symptoms in a whole new way.  Are you ready to step out of the box and try something different?


If you haven’t already, check out my 'Thyroid Symptom Relief Coach' Instagram, Facebook or Telegram pages.

When you’re ready to start taking action and find relief from symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and more, I invite you to click the button below to request access to my FREE video where you’ll learn some interesting information about your thyroid condition. 

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It’s time to learn a completely new way
of looking at your thyroid symptoms and start finding relief!

Because It Matters How You Feel. 

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